Concrete Block Work in New York

Concrete block work in NYC, encompassing cinder blocks and cement blocks, is available in a diverse range of sizes and shapes. These blocks are crafted from a mix of cement, Portland, gravel, water, and sand. The blend forms a paste that solidifies into durable blocks for construction. Guided by experienced concrete contractors from Bay Ridge, NY, our professionals diligently complete projects within the agreed timeframe, delivering satisfactory results to clients.

We cater to both commercial and residential needs, offering a variety of concrete block sizes to best fit construction requirements. Commonly known as cement blocks, these foundational elements are rectangular and used in various construction areas. Made from cast concrete, including Portland cement and aggregate, our concrete block work Whitestone, Queens, NY stands out in the market for its quality materials, excellent finish, and affordability.


Our general contractors greenwood heights, Brooklyn, NY determine project size and oversee completion by specialists with deep expertise in concrete block work. They ensure adherence to standard block construction principles, using specific tools and products for optimal project outcomes. We pay close attention to wall lengths, opening heights, and locations, basing these on the standard size of the concrete blocks used, ensuring systematic construction.

Types of Concrete Blocks: Hollow and Solid

Hollow concrete blocks in Brooklyn, NY typically feature one or more hollow cores, reducing cross-sectional area by at least 25 percent, making them about 50 percent solid. Standard hollow blocks come in full and half sizes. Solid blocks, while not entirely solid, have fewer hollows than their hollow counterparts. They have core holes comprising about 25 percent of the block’s cross-sectional area. Our concrete services Manhattan, NY ensure extensive work on large structures with hollow cores for reinforcing materials. We also focus on solid block work used for paving, which can hold more mortar than hollow blocks.

Maintaining Quality in Concrete Block Work

At Sardar Brick Works, we are committed to excellence in manufacturing concrete blocks, involving constant monitoring. Raw materials are weighed electronically, and the water content in gravel and sand is measured with ultrasonic sensors. In the curing kiln, pressures, temperatures, and cycle times are recorded and controlled automatically, ensuring blocks cure properly to achieve required strength. We offer affordable concrete block work in Bronx, NY, prioritizing top quality for our clients.

Reliable Teamwork

Over time, Sardar Brick Works has proven its reliability in providing optimal concrete block work services. With numerous successful projects, we consistently deliver the best without compromising on quality, building trust with our clients through superior craftsmanship. Our experts ensure each project is memorable, combining exquisite craftsmanship with extensive experience.