Custom Color Brick Pointing Services NYC

As a licensed, fully insured, and bonded company, Sardar Brick Works is celebrated for exceptional construction repair work. Our commercial brick pointing contractors NYC are dedicated to providing tailored and efficient services, whether it’s standard brick pointing or custom color brick pointing. Custom color brick pointing, similar in process to traditional brick pointing, involves a mix of various colors to restore and enhance the property’s appearance, aligning with client preferences to add aesthetic value and luster to structures.

Our method involves removing old mortar and replacing it with new, high-quality material, ensuring safe, secure, and durable walls that last longer. In custom color brick pointing, additional components like a range of colors are mixed with the cement before the masonry work begins. Our general contractors Brooklyn explain the importance of using high-quality bricks for enduring durability and aesthetic appeal.


Brick pointing is crucial for the longevity and integrity of brick buildings or structures, ensuring they withstand various weather and environmental conditions. Cracked bricks and mortar joints, which are unsightly and structurally significant, require timely restoration, a task our NYC professionals undertake with great care.

Once you entrust us with your project, our NYC brick staining professionals take complete responsibility. With our brick pointing projects, clients can rest assured of no water leakage issues, and we pride ourselves on meeting deadlines regardless of the project size, delivering memorable custom color brick pointing.

Color Masonry and Stucco Services

Understanding the importance of repair, maintenance, and aesthetic enhancements, we prioritize foundational work like masonry and stucco services. Custom color brick pointing follows these crucial steps, as it starts from the base and requires particular attention. Brick pointing is essential in construction, effectively keeping water out of buildings when done correctly. Following brick pointing, our masonry color correction Queens, NY professionals skillfully handle masonry and stucco work, blending colors for an aesthetic and enchanting look.

Whether renovating or repairing a building, house, or office, our masonry color restoration NYC experts bring true craftsmanship and high-quality masonry services.

Our Specialists

Sardar Brick Works is deeply involved in masonry, stucco, and custom color brick pointing. We use approved materials in our stucco work, ensuring superior quality through the efforts of our experienced team. Our stucco contractors long island, NY focus on making your home energy-efficient and meeting all your needs. With our restoration and maintenance specialists, your property is handled with an eye for beauty and innovation, using the latest tools and equipment to enhance aesthetic value. We commit to durability and sustainability while building long-term partnerships with our clients through optimal results.