Safety Measures

About Sardar Brick Works – Concrete Construction Specialists in New York

Sardar Brick Works stands as a prominent and seasoned leader in the NYC brick pointing industry, boasting numerous significant accomplishments in construction. With extensive experience, we offer a wide range of brickwork and masonry services across New York. Our services, demanding dedication and a commitment to excellence, include key areas such as parapet walls, stucco and cement work, brick pointing and tuckpointing, brick repairs and installation, brownstone restoration, custom color brick pointing, window lintels and sills replacement, brick power washing, stone repair and repointing, caulking repair, and concrete block work. We focus on delivering high-quality construction and concrete repair options to both commercial and residential clients.

Focus on Safety at Construction Sites

At Sardar Brick Works, it’s essential for every construction site worker to be well-informed about adequate safety measures and to take necessary precautions in the event of any risky incidents. Our projects expose every individual involved to high-risk environments, prompting our General Contractors NY to establish specific safety guidelines.

Our comprehensive job site safety programs are designed to protect the health and safety of our staff. We strictly follow a health and safety measures policy to ensure a safe working environment for our workers. Here are some key aspects of our preventative construction site safety measures:

Effective Safety Measures Implemented by Sardar Brick Works

  • Fall Protection: Recognizing the risk of falls, particularly from roofs, we provide our workers with robust fall protection systems. This includes safety nets, personal fall arrest systems, and guardrails. We ensure that all fall arrest systems are thoroughly inspected before use for proper functionality and damage-free condition. Our workers are trained to identify potential fall hazards on a job site before starting construction.
  • Scaffold Safety: With a significant portion of workers operating on scaffolds, we emphasize the use of protective wear to mitigate risks of falls, falling objects, and electrocution. Our masonry contractor in NY ensures that all workers wear hard hats while working on or around scaffolds, along with non-skid boots and lanyards to prevent slips and falls. Scaffolding work areas are routinely checked for hazards like ice, water, or mud.
  • Site Security: Our experienced masonry contractor Bronx NY restricts site access to authorized individuals only, protecting equipment from damage or theft and safeguarding pedestrians from construction hazards. Our strict security and safety protocols also protect our contractors from liabilities in case of security breaches or safety incidents.
  • Eye and Face Protection: Masonry, power washing, and brick pointing can expose workers to harmful substances. We provide safety eyewear to protect against dust, chemicals, and flying debris. These protective lenses are designed to fit over glasses and safeguard the eyes.
  • Training for Damage Prevention: Understanding the risks inherent in construction work, we educate our workers about fall hazards and procedures to minimize such risks. Our goal is to prevent falls, a leading cause of fatalities in construction.
  • Chemical Storage Compliance: We carefully store chemicals to minimize the risk of explosions, fires, chemical injuries, and pollution on worksites. Our commercial contractor Brooklyn NY ensures compliant storage solutions to reduce spillage and maintain a safe, healthy environment for our workers.