Stone Repairs and Repointing NYC

Stone surfaces add a touch of elegance to any home, creating a lasting impression on those who see them. However, with elegance comes the need for special care, as stone can suffer damage over time. At Sardar Brick Works, our stone repair contractor Brooklyn, NY expertly maintains your floors and surfaces, regardless of the type of stone, be it natural stone, granite, marble, or travertine. We have the expertise to restore your surfaces to their dazzling best.

Our team excels in repairing a wide array of natural stone surfaces. You can depend on Sardar Brick Works for top-notch results. We focus on repairing stone products, recognizing that your natural stone surface is not just a significant standard of your home but also a considerable investment. Our NYC stone wall repair contractors are highly trained and stay current with the latest restoration techniques. Our damaged stone repair services Bronx, NYC are executed quickly, professionally, and with minimal disruption.


As buildings age, so do their materials. Stone surfaces may develop cracks and apertures over time, becoming scratched, dull, and lifeless. Addressing stone repairs in older buildings can be challenging, especially when color matching is needed for substrates that have aged. Our professionals are equipped to handle these challenges. Factors such as worn, tired, and dingy surfaces can age a home’s interiors, and our NYC marble restoration services dispatch experts to assess and rejuvenate your stone surfaces.

Our NYC commercial general contractors and skilled team focus on restoring your home to its former glory, working meticulously until the desired results are achieved. We pride ourselves on restoring the beauty, style, and elegance of your natural stones at cost-effective prices.

Comprehensive Stone Repointing Services

When stones in older buildings show signs of weakening, leakage, water spots, chipped surfaces, or deteriorating mortar joints, repointing is essential to restore the structure. Weathering and decay create voids in masonry joints, allowing water penetration that weakens the foundation. Repointing involves refilling mortar joints and, if necessary, replacing damaged stones.

Our repointing company Queens, NY ensures complete customer satisfaction. Our experts are adept at making repointing work effective, and our craftsmen ensure all projects are meticulously executed without damaging the stones or intact mortar. We aim to meet the high expectations of our customers and establish long-term relationships, prioritizing exceptional work.

Our Expert Team

Whether the task is repointing or stone repairs, our specialists are committed to delivering exceptional services. Our team, with extensive experience in repointing and stone repairs, has been providing quality services in the market for a long time, setting a benchmark with each project. We continuously innovate and make specific amendments to our services to stand out in the market, ensuring our customers recognize the unique value we offer.

For those seeking premier, licensed, and fully insured stone repair and repointing services in NYC, Sardar Brick Works is your ideal choice. Call us at (+1) 917-355-8556 for unparalleled craftsmanship in restoring the integrity and beauty of your property.