Window Lintel and Sills Replacements NYC

At Sardar Brick Works, our window lintel replacement services in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY, are carried out by skilled professionals who meticulously manage every detail. Lintel work is crucial as it supports the heavy load of a wall above the window, transferring it to the frame for vertical support. Its load-bearing capacity is often leveraged for aesthetic enhancement, emphasizing the importance of working with knowledgeable professionals.

Finding a proficient contractor for window sills in Flushing, Queens, NY, and lintels that delivers lasting satisfaction can be challenging. Our focus at Sardar Brick Works is to excel in this area, reflecting exceptional quality in our work.


Window lintels and sills not only elevate the value of your property functionally and decoratively but also protect against elements like rain and snow. Over time, however, they deteriorate and often require replacement rather than repair. Regular maintenance of these components is crucial, yet frequently overlooked, leading to significant damage.

Replacing window lintels and sills, particularly in older buildings, demands experienced, skilled, and licensed professionals. Our window sills services NYC address these essential aspects, ensuring flawless execution by our adept team.

Expert Lintel Replacement in New York

Lintels, made from various materials like masonry, wood, steel, or reinforced concrete, play a vital role in construction. Sitting atop window frames, they support the weight of bricks above, providing necessary wall support. There are two types of lintels: decorative and supporting. Decorative lintels are easier to replace, while supporting lintels require more complex procedures, often involving scaffolding for safe removal and replacement. Our Brooklyn, NY window lintel repair professionals, equipped with the requisite experience and knowledge, efficiently handle all types of lintel repairs.

Comprehensive Window Lintel & Sill Services in NY

At Sardar Brick Works, we tailor window sills and lintels to your specifications, using a variety of materials to achieve the best-finished product. For window lintel repairs, we skillfully scrape and repaint existing lintels to restore their original appearance.

Our team of trained window lintel and sill experts will discuss the project with you and provide regular updates throughout. We aim for long-lasting results and reliable solutions for window sills, ensuring they fit perfectly with frames to prevent water and moisture penetration.

Our Exceptionally Skilled Team at Sardar Brick Works

Our strength lies in our team’s expertise and teamwork. We provide NY with top-notch window lintel and sill replacement services, meeting and exceeding client expectations. Our approach involves understanding client needs, utilizing the right equipment, and applying our extensive knowledge and experience. This dedication to excellence sets us apart in a competitive field and underscores why we are a preferred choice for quality window lintel and sill services.