NYC Local Law 11

NYC Local Law 11

The NYC’s Facade Inspection Safety Program previously known as Local Law 11, the NYC facade inspection safety program mandates that every building over six stories undergo a facade inspection and repair every five years by a licensed engineer or architect. After inspection, our General Contractors at Sardar Brick Works in Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan ensure that each building files a technical report with the Department of Buildings, categorizing facade elements as either safe, safe with a maintenance and repair program, or unsafe. Any unsafe elements must be promptly addressed and repaired within 30 days.

This law also requires inspection of attachments like lighting fixtures, guardrails, signs, air conditioners, and windows to ensure they are securely supported. Over 12,000 buildings in NYC are subject to these LL11 inspection requirements.

NYC Local Law 11

Sardar Brick Works Complies with Local Law 11

FISP inspections can be complex and costly, often uncovering additional repair needs. At Sardar Brick Works, our masonry contractors in NYC are adept at handling all aspects of FISP, recognizing the importance of timely and careful construction work. In line with Local Law 11, we focus on various construction areas, including power washing, concrete block work, stucco repairs, brick pointing, and tuck pointing.

Our general contractors ensure that facade restoration in NYC is re-inspected, corrected, and certified as safe. Local Law 11 demands a physical inspection, typically involving at least one scaffold drop from ground level. Our engineers or architects are always on-site to conduct and stamp the inspection, offering specific recommendations for investigating the building’s exterior and structural systems, along with thorough analysis and evaluation.

For years, our commercial contractors in NYC have been managing structural systems for all building types, from pre-war to modern. We’re committed to providing optimal services and thorough analysis and evaluations of building facades to maintain compliance with FISP requirements. Our goal is to consistently deliver high-quality architectural and construction services that meet the structural design and integrity standards within an affordable budget.

Our contractors ensure periodic inspection for the exterior walls and appurtenances of buildings, including:

  • Acceptable Report: A technical examination report filed by a Qualified Exterior Wall Inspector, meeting the requirements of the Administrative Code and the Department’s rules.
  • Amended Report: A report filed by a Qualified Exterior Wall Inspector certifying that all unsafe conditions identified in the initial report have been repaired, and no unsafe conditions remain.
  • Critical Examination: An inspection to assess if the building’s exterior walls and attachments are safe, conducted by a Qualified Exterior Wall Inspector.
  • Safe with Repair and Maintenance Program: Ensuring the building wall and attachments are safe at the time of inspection and assessing if repairs or maintenance are needed in the next five years to prevent deterioration.
  • Unsafe Condition: Checking if the building wall or attachments are hazardous, requiring prompt repair, or if any condition previously reported as SWARMP has not been corrected and is now unsafe.